Safety Of World Is In Our Hands?

We human beings live in a huge world but sometimes it seems that the world is too small. We have achieved great achievements due to which we can do or have or go anywhere by any how with very ease. We can do each and everything just by pressing a button or sitting on sofa. World has now reached to Moon and now we are trying to stand on Mars. It was not possible before many years ago man use to live life like a animal. We have achieved each and everything which helps to save our time, energy and money. We call ourselves as Modern people. We are creating problem for our future by disturbing our nature. Countries are discussing about Global Warming but is there any one country who has taken any step for that? Human eat fish, meat, sea animals and other animals to fill their stomach?

Population of World is growing day-by-day. We are suffering shortage of work, income, savings, food, and even shelter is a big problem for today's common man. There is huge amount of pollution increasing and due to which we are suffering from various health problems. There is a shortage of  Job too.

No one is safe in this world. We are not safe from diseases, terrorism, security of life. We may suffer accident, any disease, or any other uncertainity in our life. No one knows how long he/she is going to live. We have disturbed our nature badly due to which we are suffering various problems around us. Antarctica a continent where ice never melted is now melting due to pollution. We have no more Animals left in our forests because people are killing animals for their enjoyment. Many animals are on the way of extinction.

Water in sea is decreasing, trees are becoming less because they are used in making furniture, papers. People use plastic bags and throw them in water, rivers or lakes. Human eat fish, meat, sea animals and other animals to fill their stomach. God has given so many things to eat like fruits and vegetables. Then why don't human beings understand this?

There are many birds, animals who are extinct and now we can not see them in the world, and some names are as below:

The Moa-nalo were a species of ducks that were similar physically to geese and native to the larger of the Hawaiian Islands in the pacific.

The Norfolk bird. An extinct species of parrot and close relative of New Zealand’s Kākā, the Norfolk Island Kākā was a large species of parrot that inhabited the rocky treetops of Norfolk Island and Phillip Island.

The Aepyornis or otherwise known as the the ‘elephant bird’ is a species of giant flightless bird that is believed to have become extinct around the 17th century.

The Caspian tiger is also known as the Persian tiger and was known to be a beautiful animal, thought it is thought to have become extinct by the late 1950s.

Shrusti Jain

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