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Chlorine Gas Leaks - Students Suffer

Chlorine gas leaked from a cylinder in a container parked in the Mumbai Port. Over 60 people were rushed to hospital - six of them are in a critical condition - after inhaling chlorine gas. Fourteen of those admitted to nearby JJ Hospital are college students.

The chlorine leaked from some containers kept a scrap yard in the Mumbai Port Trust premises, adjacent to the LBS College in Sewri in south-central Mumbai. Fire brigade and BMC officials have reached the spot. The condition of six of them including a college student is critical. The gas leak was noticed around 4 am when people started complaining of burning eyes, breathlessness and vomiting sensation. 

If exposed a long period of time and in strong concentration, it may lead to restlessness, throat irritation and excess salivation. A high chlorine concentration atmosphere, loss of consciousness and possibly death can happen. 

As preliminary measures, water was thrown on the gas cylinders stored in a container in the scrap yard while experts were summoned to deal with the situation. Around 400 people staying in the vicinity were evacuated.

This is another irresponsibility of government. The situation is under control but it could have been worse if the gas leaked in huge amount. History would be repeated but now it can be said "All izz Well".

When our Government will stop playing with our lives?

Who is responsible for this Government or Authority?

a high chlorine concentration atmosphere, loss of consciousness and possibly death can happen.

Shrusti Jain

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