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True Meaning Of Family


What is the true meaning of family ... People's with whom you have blood relations ? People who are called relatives or People's who are always with you in every situation of life whether it's happiness or your sorrow???

Parents fulfill all needs of children's but when these child grow up they feel their parents haven't done anything exceptional. What they have done it was their duty.  Parents, sibblings will always stand by your side in any situation.

Generations changes and thinking also changes. ... Like trends of clothes and fashion people also change their opinion...

Family means people's who are always with you and guide you right path and will wish always your well. People who think that you have strength and can survive and fight against any circumstances... Your Friends can be your family... or your relations can be your family ...those people who are there for you and you are there for them always without any greediness .......

Living together but having no respect from inside doesn't means anything. If you value your relations and dearones then respect them... understand them... let them understand you.... your thoughts... your feelings too... Never hesitate in doing good  karmas ....and always think about bad thoughts......

Parents, Relative's,  Teachers, Friends, Neighbouhood all can be included in family ...... as we live one life so there shouldn't be any harsh feelings for others.

If someone does intentionally bad to you make them realise what they have done but you should not do wrong to them for revenge. If they are wrong you should make them feel their mistake.

Family comes first yes it's true beacuse they will always stand behind you as your pillar.

Give and take is the funda of today's generation..... is this good???

How many times we have helped anyone without any personal meaning???

Family .....Where life begins. ...and Love never ends.......

Shrusti Jain

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