26/11 Black Day for Indian History

The day when somebody lost his/her father, brother, mother, sister, uncle, aunt, grandfather or grandmother. I am furious by hearing that horrible incidence, what great people are they who suffered that and came out from that terror. Hat’s off to them and their families. We lost so much and now what we have in our hands is just memories of our loved ones. These terrorist’s should be given a death which kills them slowly and reminds them what they did to those innocents.

26/11/08, 9:30 pm where all people at CST Station, Hotel Taj mahal, Hotel Oberoi, Nariman house, Leopold cafĂ©, cama hospital would be either waiting to go home, having dinner with their families, friends or colleagues, or would be going on bed a massive attack took place by terrorist. Terrorist attacked various places in groups. They fired blindly to innocent people and took their lives for doing nothing just being an Indian! Every people ran here and there to save their life. Some police men’s and courageous people didn’t take care of their lives and saved others and became shahid.
Of the 10 heavily armed terrorists who came here from the Arabian Sea route and attacked Mumbai, only one was nabbed – Mohammed Ajmal Amir alias Kasab and all other were members of Lashkar-e-Taiba. Others were shot by police officers, army men’s, and NSG commandos. The attacks killed 179 people, including at least 22 foreigners. U.S. warned India about possible Mumbai attack (December 2, 2008) Over 300 injuries were reported. The first attack occurred about 9:30 pm at the Cafe Leopold. As the rampage progressed, gunmen opened fire at several locations throughout the city, including a crowded train station and several luxury hotels. The terrorists were reported to be seeking victims with British or American passports. These attackers continuously attacked with AK-47 rifles and threw many hand grenades. They were talking continuously to their chiefs who were in Pakistan. They also used cell phones of foreign tourist with the siege on Mumbai finally coming to an end after over 60 hours of constant conflict. 
Encounter specialist cop Vijay Salaskar and Additional Commissioner of police Ashok Kamte were killed during the siege. Hemant Karkare, Sandeep unnikrishnan head of the Indian anti-terrorist squad, also died. Witnesses reported that they looked to be in their early twenties, wore black t-shirts and jeans, and that they smiled and looked happy as they shot their victims. he ten attackers were identified by Mumbai police, along with their home towns in Pakistan: Ajmal Amir from Faridkot, Abu Ismail Dera Ismail Khan from Dera Ismail Khan, Hafiz Arshad and Babr Imran from Multan, Javed from Okara, Shoaib from Narowal, Nazih and Nasr from Faisalabad, Abdul Rahman from Arifwalla, and Fahad Ullah from Dipalpur Taluka. 
Pakistani terrorist Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, in his dramatic confession before a special court Monday, said that he was a decorator by profession but since his income was little, he was attracted to ‘jihad’ (holy war). In a dramatic twist in the ongoing 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks trial, Pakistani terrorist Mohammed Ajmal Amir alias Kasab on Monday confessed his role in carrying out the Mumbai terror attacks which left 180 persons dead and over 300 injured. 
The people were killed rudely by the attackers. They took lives of innocent people, kids. People who lost their loved ones are never going to forget that black day of their life. We the other people would forget this incident after some years. Is it fine that some attackers from neighbor countries come to our country and take lives of many innocent people? How long will be the procedure of court will take place to prove Ajmal Kasab as terrorist and accused? As he has admitted his crime then why he is not given punishment that all the terrorist see and will think again before doing any crime. Such a terrible incident took around us we were helpless. 
Politicians or government come give their speech and goes away. They would never understand the feelings of that people who had lost their near ones until they undergo situation like this. 
The burning Taj, smoke rising and pigeons flying is a reminder of how soon how bad it can become, and also a call to those who care to contribute. And fortunately or unfortunately, India is at that turn of history, where we have little choice. 
Let us unite and show our unity to world and those black eye people who dreams to destroy us that no one can harm till we are one and Indian.

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