A Grand Opening Of – IPL 2010

12th March 2010 is a day when IPL of this season started with grand opening and celebrities from Nation as well as Inter-National. IPL matches can be seen live on Youtube. The audience will be attracted by celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Akon, Abba Revival, Lionel Richie, Ali Campbell of UB20’s and Bjorn. The matches seen live on You tube wont be as attracting as television. Matches can be seen on channel Set Max and you would find before innings and after innings on the same too. Cricket is yet watched by people as craziest game all over India and world. And IPL is the game which has gained much higher position and attraction within just 3 years.

Game started with last years strongest and winning team Deccan Charger against the weakest  team Kolkata Knight Riders. The toss was won by Deccan Chargers and they chose to field first. KKR starting was poor in 1st over two wickets were fallen but slowly they scored runs and gave total of 161 runs at loss of 4 wickets. Deccan Chargers started well but in middle they lost 3 wickets and still they are chasing around 108 at loss of 3 wickets.

 Juhi Chawal was seen in IPL with her daughter. Deccan charger looked like a mere repetition of frames that had caught the imagination the last time around. Saurav Ganguly the skipper of KKR was not able to make runs but being a skipper he carried out his responsibility very well and this was just the beginning of the matches. If T20 is all about momentum then KKR has begun with just the right start.

Today 2nd day of IPL matches will be seen of Mumbai Indian’s in which Sachin Tendulkar is captain against Rajasthan Royals in which Shane Warne is captain. Mumbai Indians had put the total of 212. Rajasthan Royals playing good game and till now they are just 12 runs behind with 4 wickets in hands. the game is on fire. The game is just mesmerizing and hot.

Rajasthan Royals lost their 7th wicket and it seems that Mumbai Indians are going to win the game. Anything may happen at last ball because its cricket. A winning team may loose and a loosing team may win in it. Needed 9 runs from 2 balls. The pitch is on fire and players too.

Rajasthan Royals will win the match?

A wide ball bowled by Malinga made the game more winning chances for opposite team. Needed 6 runs from 1 ball. The pressure can be seen on the batsman’s and on fielders too. Last ball bowled and Mumbai Indians won the match by 4 runs.

Rajasthan Royals lost the game by just 4 runs.

Next match can be seen among Delhi Daredevils and Kings Xl Punjab. Watch the spicy and hot matches of 2010.

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