A Year After Death – Micheal Jackson

Today is the first death anniversary of Michael Jackson. Jackson was born August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana, to an African-American working-class family. His father, Joseph Jackson, had been a guitarist but had put aside his musical aspirations to provide for his family as a crane operator. Believing his sons had talent, he molded them into a musical group in the early 1960s.

Michael joined his siblings when he was five, and emerged as the group’s lead vocalist. Michael and his brothers spent endless hours rehearsing and polishing up their act. For several years, Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 maintained a busy tour and recording schedule, under the supervision of Berry Gordy and his Motown staff. Gordy wrote many of the songs recorded by the group and by Michael Jackson as a solo artist.

Jackson caused some controversy with his sexual gesturing and violent actions. The change in his skin tone was the result of a disease known as vitiligo. Jackson also opened about the abuse he suffered from his father. child molestation against Jackson emerged later that year. A 13-year-old boy claimed that the music star had fondled him. Jackson was known to have sleepovers with boys at his Neverland Ranch, but this was the first public charge of wrongdoing.

Jackson wed nurse Debbie Rowe. The couple had two children through artificial insemination. Son Prince Michael Jackson was born in 1997 and daughter Paris Michael Jackson was born in 1998. Rowe and Jackson divorced in 1999 with Jackson receiving full custody of their two children. He would go on to have a third child, Prince Michael Jackson II, with an unknown surrogate.

Jackson would never get to experience the success of his comeback tour. On June 25, 2009, Jackson suffered cardiac arrest in his Los Angeles home. He was rushed to the hospital after his heart stopped and CPR attempts failed, but he died later that morning.

On July 12, 2009, a televised memorial was held for fans of the King of Pop at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. While 17,500 free tickets were issued to fans via lottery, more than an estimated one billion viewers watched the memorial on television and the Internet. The Jackson family held a private funeral on September 3, 2009, for the immediate family and 200 guests at Forest Lawn Memorial park in Los Angeles.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museums around the world are paying tribute to the King of Pop.

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