Aarushi – Hemraj Murder Mystery?

13-year-old teenager Aarushi Talwar and her servant  Hemraj, both were murdered at the Talwar home in Noida on the night of May 15, 2008. “Why the hurry in filing the closure report?” asked the judge.

Aarushi was discovered dead in her bedroom on the morning of May 16, 2008.  Her throat had been slit while her parents slept next door in their flat in Noida, a suburb of Delhi.  The police and Aarushi’s parents first suspected their servant, Hemraj, of having killed her.  Hemraj was missing from the house.  The police began searching for him, only to discover his dead body on the terrace of the Talwars’ home on May 17.

Court has rejected – an appeal by Aarushi Talwar’s parents against the CBI’s decision to end its investigation.
The court has also asked the Investigating Officer to submit all relevant documents, and set January 7 as the next hearing date of the case.
The 30-page document also lists Aarushi’s father – Rajesh Talwar – as the only suspect in the double murder, but says that the agency could not find enough evidence against him, or establish a motive.
Whats the truth and false everyone wants to know.

How is this possible that a daughter is killed in her house and parents don’t come to know?

How accused ruined the proofs of murder so easily?

Can any parents kill their daughter so brutally?

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