Afridi’s True Feeling For India?

Pakistani skipper Shahid Afridi created confusion about his own thoughts towards India. He commented “Allah has given us big, clean hearts. Indians are not that large hearted.”
Afridid also said “The Indian media has a bad approach they have played a dirty role in soiling relations. Our Media is 100% better than theirs. It is very difficult for us to live with them (Indians). He also slammed Indian batsman Gautam Gambhir for dedicating India’s win to the victims of the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai. He thought that was a stupid comment.”

Afridi claimed that he was misunderstood and quoted out of context. “I have enjoyed my cricket in India and I love Indian people. Don’t take my comments negatively. I have always got a lot of love and affection from Indian fans. And I request the media to play a more positive role and not waste time on such trivial issues”.
He said they were not treated well by Indian media anyway when they came and it was not good for friendly relations.

Is this the way he wants media to be friendly with him?

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