Anil Nanda Accused In Murder Case

Anil Nanda industrialist in Delhi is accused for murder of his driver Janeshwar Sharma. Janeshwar Sharma, an ex-service man, was hospitalised with serious burn injuries on June 9. However, for over a week, nobody from the police department approached Sharma to record his statement. In fact, the city police failed to record the victim’s statement.

Nanda, who is unmarried, is the chairman of the Akme Projects and is the son of former Escorts group chairman HP Nanda.

The FIR lodged with the police states that Janeshwar was admitted to Apollo Hospital at 11.15 am and at 1.40 pm Dr Mahesh Kaitu declared him fit for statement. Yet his statement was not recorded by the police. Delhi Police are yet to consider the victim’s request for a murder investigation. In an on-camera statement Sharma alleges that some unidentified persons poured fuel on him and set him on fire.

In the seven days that he battled with death, Janeshwar left behind two sensational claims on who and why someone wanted him killed — one suggesting he was forced to spy on Nanda’s business partner Vijay Sinha, and the second is related to Nanda’s alleged sexual misconduct.

Janeshwar’s brother Yogesh is appealing for death for those involved in the murder. Yogesh also suspects the role of the police in his brother’s death.
Why police didn’t arrested Anil Nanda?

Being an Industrialist helps accused to be free from acquisitions?
Janeshwar Sharma will get justice?

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