Apna Sapna Money Money…….. Mayawati’s Dream!

Mayawati opposed on women’s quota passed in parliament because she thought that it would not be beneficial for SC/ST women’s of rural areas. Mayawati does not have money to pay salary for UP Government officials, she didn’t had any answer for that, but now she spent Rs 200 crore for BSP silver jubilee celebration. The garland was made of rs 1000 notes of Indian currency, and its price is estimated as Rs 5 crore. The garland was made under supervision of party members. The garland was placed on Mayawati’s neck. Mayawati is honoured with these kind of garland on her birthday by her party members.
The celebration was made lavish and money was spent to decorate the whole city of Lucknow in blue. Party members reported after controversy that garland was dismantled and were transferred into party account. The party members also reported that the garland was made of Rs 21 lakh only. Mayawati being known as “Dalit Queen” has big bank balance.
The Income Tax department also stepped in and decided to probe the source of the money for the garland of Rs 1,000 notes presented to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister at her ‘Maha rally in Lucknow’. 
RBI (Reserve Bank of India) has some law to maintain the value  and safety of currency notes and they are as below:
Currency notes should not be folded.
Notes should not be tore.
Nothing should be written on notes.
There are such more rules for currency notes. Few days back some children’s painted Mayawati poster by black colour and they were arrested by police officers, now why no action is been taken by senior authority and Mayawati?
The exhibition of money or show of is banned in politics. Income Tax Department reported that they will interogate about this matter and check garland but till now garland is not taken into custody.
Garlands and fancy decorations with the currency should call for capital punishment?
What punishment should be given to Mayawati and her party members?

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