Attacks With Words By ……..On Mukesh Ambani & Shah Rukh Khan

Are you an Indian or a State citizen?
Politics in meant to improve our country and improve our needs in smooth way. But is it right that politicians make differences between people. Few months ago issue was made on a comment when Sachin Tendulkar said that “he is an Indian first but he is proud to be a Maharshtrian”. Some political party made an issue of such a comment, and now the same party is making an issue of comment given by Mukesh Ambani. Mukesh Ambani commented that “Mumbai belongs to all Indians, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai all belongs to Indians”.
Leader of a party said that “Marathi have as much right over Munbai, as Mukesh Ambani has right on Reliance Industries”. He also said that why Mukesh Ambani left out cities like Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Rajkot? He also added that Late Mr. Dhiru Bhai Ambani had a great respect for Mumbai. Leader also said that he believed that Mukesh Ambani was firstly thought as an Mumbaikar but now no! “Mukesh Ambani should concentrate on his business” not in politics was also suggested to him.
Shah Rukh Khan said few days ago that not selecting pakistani players was a wrong thing but it didnt had any connections with politics, but we should encourage talent no matter the player is pakistani. Today posters were tore of movie “My Name Is Khan” also Shah Rukh Khan was threatened that if he dares to take pakistani players in his team then he will have to suffer more.
Party spoke person Sanjay Raut said that ” Let Shah Rukh Khan go and set IPL in Pakistan. Its not Shah Rukh who is saying this but its “Khan”. And it is clearly said that pakistani players wont be allowed to play.
In reply Shah Rukh said that we live in a democratic country and we should open our arms to everyone.
I think sports should be kept far from politics and politicians should not interfere in sports. They should develop our country not develop problems.
Will IPL matches have another problem?
Shah Rukh’s movies is going to suffer by this issue?
Can we say “Politicians Raaj”?

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