Bill Gates & Rahul Gandhi Visit Of Amethi Only!

Microsoft chief Bill Gates will join Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi on a visit to Amethi, in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday. The visit was kept a closely guarded secret until late Monday evening. Even top state Congress leaders were unaware of the move, as Gandhi had intended it to be a completely quiet affair, away from media gaze. Gandhi proposes to take Gates to the same village where he spent a night along with British Foreign Secretary David Miliband in a ramshackle hut belonging to a poor Dalit. They proposes to take a chartered flight from New Delhi to Fursatganj from where they would drive down to Amethi around 10 am.

Why Bill Gates is being taken only to Amethi not other villages and town of our country?
India is a country where foreigners comes to travel and discover Indian culture. But when the Some foreign delegates visit India then why our politicians impress them by only showing good things?
No doubt Bill Gates’ charity has a large pot to be distributed for the benefit of humanity worldwide. But why Amethi and not any other part of the country. All this for votes and nothing else. If Rahul Gandhi has any sincerety he would use the charities to spread the wealth for better causes all over India than to concentrate on Amethi just for votes.
People of India should understand even Mahatma Ghandi was not given nobel peace prize tan why barack obama & what for. These nobel prizes are lofty awards given for certain political benifits. I could not able to understand what was there in song “Jai ho” of slum dog millionaire. But the people of india became happy after this but what for as there were only dark side of India shown in that film. 
Why no other villages of India?
Why only Amethi is being visited by Rahul Gandhi & Bill Gates?

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