Blog your way to fortune and fame

If you thought blogs are just about people’s random thoughts and opinions and have no monetary value then think again. If your blog brings in a good number of page views, it can also bring in the money.

Bloggers like Kiruba Shankar are making waves in the world of multimedia blogging with shows like Kiruba Show. Kiruba who interviews CEO’s of tech companies on his show syndicates it to sites like and which have thousands of dedicated readers from the tech community. “Niche is definitely the way to go. For example, there’s this site, wallstrip, which was recently sold to CBS for $5 million and that’s a phenomenal amount of money for a six-month old site. That’s because the founders were very clear that they were going to be very focussed only on the stock and fiancial markets,” Kiruba said. If advertisers or potential buyers see that a blog has a dedicated readership and wide influence it becomes a buyout target. So, while Indian blogs are still at a nascent stage, Kiruba feels they still have a long way to go. “People have not yet realised the true advantages and potential of blogging. I think when people realise that they will do really well,” Kiruba said. As the India story continues and Internet-penetration increases, don’t be surprised if some Indian blogs are snapped up for millions of dollars.

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