Bollywood Actors and Crimes

Actors are famous but also surrounded by controversies. Some actors create for publicity and some are always caught up in controversies. Sanjay Dutt, Shiney Ahuja, Salman Khan and many more actors are arrested in crime cases.
Sanjay Dutt was convicted of possessing AK 47s and other weapons. Sanjay Dutt had friendship with people like Dawood Ibrahim and Abu Salem in 1993 just before the serial blasts in Bombay and it was they who had given those weapons to Sanjay Dutt! Another crime was committed when Sanjay tried to get the evidence destroyed.
Monica’s Bedi and Abu Salem, were caught entering Portugal with forged documents. She was brought to India and  had spent few years in jail.

Bollywood actor Shiney Ahuja was arrested in connection with the rape of his 18 year old maid servant.
Salman Khan and his friends, who were accused of illegally hunting and killing Chinkara.

Are actors treated as criminals? 

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