Caste Greater Than Humanity?

The leaders of independent India decided that India will be democratic, socialist and secular country. India is a vast country and here lies different caste and religions like Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jain’s. The celebrations of various festivals in India, where people of different faiths come together in communal harmony. In general the urban people in India are less strict about the caste system than the rural. In cities one can see different caste people mingling with each other, while in some rural areas there is still discrimination based on castes and sometimes also on untouchability.

Sometimes in villages or in the cities there are violent clashes which, are connected to caste tensions. Sometimes the high castes strike the lower castes who dare to uplift their status. Sometimes the lower caste get back on the higher castes.
Being a developing country India is still not modern in religion. People have strong feelings and they don’t want western culture to ruin their tradition’s and values. To maintain the value of the religion people kill human beings in this 21st century. There are many cases where strict rules are passed so that people don’t try to break or do such mistakes.
Today’s young boys and girls do Love marriage so that they spend their life with the person they think will be the best. If  Love marriage is done in village or town the couples are killed for ‘Honour’. It is very sad that being so educated and reached on ‘Moon’ still our country is living conservative and orthodox.
Traditional values of society account for big hurdles on the path of an inter caste marriage. Even if the parents agree to the decision, it is the community and so-called responsible people of society, which can make a big issue out of this. It is a normal scenario in villages that people from two different castes tying the wedding knot are murdered or brutally tortured, along with their family members.
People in villages need to be taught about the menaces of caste system and initiatives should be taken to fight against it. After all, a marriage is all about coming together of two souls, irrespective of social background and class!!
It is necessary to educate people in village so that no human being losses its life.
What is your opinion?

Is Caste greater than Life?

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