Childrens commiting suicide in Mumbai

In a month 36 children’s have committed suicide in Mumbai. This a serious situation where counselling should be started in school so that prolems can be understood and could be solved out before getting such things happen. Not only school but firstly parents should understand and make sure that their child does not do such things in stress or depression.

Today the world is so faster that every parents wants their child to be intelligent and top in their field. But sometimes parents forget that their child is a human being and he/she has their own interest and ambition. If a child wants to become a sportsmen or a girl wants to be a dancer or something else then why does parents force their child to become what they want? Parents should not force their child for studies because it may happen hat child comes in depression and takes wrong step.

Fourteen-year-old Rajesh Yadav hanged himself at his house in Juhu in Mumbai  after he was suspended from school for bunking.
A class 12 student killed himself on Monday.With no suicide note left behind.
11-year-old Shushant Patil reality show participant, committed suicide here between Saturday and Monday. While the motive behind Shushant Patil’s suicide was suspected to be the pressure to perform well in studies.
Neha  Sawant 18 yrs was found hanging by a dupatta to a ceiling rod inside her Sai Darshan Apartment house. She had participated in three TV dance reality shows, including the popular Boogie Woogie. Her family took her out of the academy as they wanted her to concentrate on her studies.
A medical student ended her life by hanging at her residence in suburban Powai. Police said the student was allegedly depressed for having failed in exams.
16-year-old, Maria Jessica Nadar, student of Acharya College, hanged herself to death at her home.
19-year-old Ashwin Omprakash Shukla, a second year BSc student of Viva College at Virar in this district, allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself with a nylon rope from the ceiling at his uncle Ramprakash Shukla’s house in Sitaram Nagar, Moregaon.
Parent in India should engage their children in extra activities like playing sports, etc. but many parents in India don’t believe & engage in them. These activities help in find place in future. Don’t force your child towards studies if he/she wants to be something else then support them and make their life beautiful.
It is also said that children’s are being influenced by 3 idiots then i would say that nothing influences untill they are in pressure or depression. In movie it is shown that such things should not be done and if happens than there is some reason behind it. It is not movie but is Parents who does not understand their children and pressurize them for studies.
In 3 Idiots there is a dialogue “don’t run after sucess, run after excellence and sucess would come itself towards you. Movies don;t influence but they show the truth what is happening in world.
parents should understand their child and if finds that their child behaves different than take them for counseling centers.
Who is responsible for this?
Committing suicides ends all difficulties?

Being Engineer, Doctor or Lawyer is necessary than your childs life?

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