Citizen of state or country?

Are u citizens of state or citizen of country? I am Indian and that’s my first recognition. What about you? In our country many years ago people gave their life to free our country from Britishers rule that time they gave their life for our country not for the state. Great people like chandrashekhar azad, rani laxmi bai, bal gangadhar tilak, Subhash Chandra bose, lal bahadur shastri, and many more gave their life to free our country from Britishers hand they never thought about they never thought about any religion they never thought about rich or poor than why today we people think all these things? Nothing is above humanity. Every religion is equal. Why under influence of political parties we forget these things? Some parties collect vote by creating difference in religion, and state is this right? In our early school days we are taught that:- 

I am an Indian,
I am proud to be an Indian,
Every people in this country are my brothers and sisters……….!
How many of you remember this oath? Political parties just know how to collect votes that’s all. Is there any party in our country that has done only good work? Is there any party who is totally devoted to work? No! I don’t think there is any political party who has right to take any decision about nationality or citizenship! Nor they have right who will stay where? It is time to fight against terrorism not between amongst each other. Is this education we are giving our coming generation?
Great player like sachin tendulkar is known as Indian cricketer not as maharashtrian cricketer. He is being pointed out by some political party for his statement of first being Indian than maharashtrian. Is this the right thing that some political are trying to create difference between states of one country?
We have reached in 21st century than also some peoples are living now also in ancient period. It’s time to live and let live. Is our country a developing one? Like this way we are developing? We should be ashamed of such things happening around us? In our country there are many languages, many religions, many states, many rivers but this country if divided into such things than nothing will be left. Its time to live like one family.
Are you Indian or a state citizen?
Do you support these things?
Who will take step against these things?
Let us unite and show these people that we are one and will always be one.!
If you want to give your comments than please do write your feelings.

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