Corruption Arround All Over India

In our country we see corruption every where from small place to a metro city and from small position to a higher position. Today each one wants to become rich and corruption is the easiest way. From peon to top officer is sometime involve in bribery. Corruption in India leads to promotion not prison. It is very difficult to catch a big “shark”. Today the number of ministers with an honest image can be counted on fingers.

Corruption is not surviving in government or politics but now every place you can see it happening. In school and colleges in the name of donation. In Railways you can see for tickets. You can see if a young boy breaks rule of traffic he is released but taking some bribe and just giving a warning. In police station bribe is given either to make false cases, or for releasing criminals. Some police officers take bribe from poor shop keepers as “hafta”.

Money given for up-liftment for poor is sometimes eaten by officers. Lands given to poor’s for their shelter is being sold before they reach to poor. The various departments analysed, India’s police department is the worst in terms of corruption, while school education was the sector where least corruption prevails. The most corrupt state is Bihar, followed by Jammu &Kashmir and Madhya Pradesh.
Not only this but we can see that corruption is now a part every life and no one thinks something wrong about it. In military few days ago we saw a scandal of a land in which military officers are also involved. Now no profession, no business, no school, no government nor some politicians are pure.
Not only this Madhu Koda former CM of Jharkhand was arrested for having ill-legal 4000 crores rupees.What makes difference between the army and Madhu Koda is that the officers of army are appointed employees where as Madhu Koda was elected representative of people.
People have come to accept corruption as a way of life; they are ready to pay a bribe to get their work done – or done faster.
Shanmugam Manjunath or Satyendranath Dubey are the two persons who were exposing the government corruption happening in our country but they were mudered as thy raised their voice. Is this the cost of truth today!
We should be shamed of ourselves, and raise our voice against corruption. Lets be together and ruin the corruption amongst our country.
How many times have you given bribe for your work?

How many times have you seen corruption happening around you and you have stopped?

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