The Commonwealth Games scam could be much bigger than previously thought.
The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC)  has found several discrepancies in tenders for Games related projects. Large sums of money have allegedly been paid to non-existent partie. The execution of many contracts has been deliberately delayed. The CVC has found that money paid for many Games related projects are abnormally high. It has also detected widespread bunglings in the purchase of equipment for the Games.

DDA has confirmed that there were major irregularities in the construction of the Commonwealth Games Village. The Village was built by EMAAR MGF Construction Private Limited.
Mittal’s residence was among 30 places raided on Tuesday in and around Delhi by income tax officials. In February, Mittal was made director of Deepali Arts, owned by his nephew, Vinay Mittal.  It was after this that the company, along with a foreign partner, was given a deal worth 230 crores, to supply treadmills, umbrellas and other “overlays” or moveable equipment for the Commonwealth Games.
The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has allegedly suggested that upto Rs. 8000 crores may have been deliberately misspent on payment to companies that don’t exist, and on companies that were allowed to charge hugely inflated prices for material supplied by them.
Air-conditioners were not the only items found faulty and substandard. Take the case of pedestal fans. According to the contract, the fans were rented at Rs 4,500. They, too, turned out to be substandard.
A branded pedestal fan would cost between  Rs 1,800 and Rs 2,500. Why then was the OC ready to rent them for double the price? Why were switches and plugs allowed to be rented between Rs 396 and Rs 2,700?

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