Death Sentence To Kasab- Lesson To Terror

Pakistani man Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, was handed the death punishment on Thursday for waging war on India, mass murder, conspiracy and terrorist acts, nearly 18 months after the attacks that left 166 people dead Ajmal Kasab did not have a “right to live”. After reading out his sentence, the judge asked Kasab if he wanted to say anything. Kasab shook his head, indicating that he didn’t. He asked for a glass of water. 21-year-old who was brainwashed by the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) into executing 26/11, the judge said that Kasab had volunteered to work for the terrorist group.

Kasab had said that when he reached the Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) on Wednesday evening with his partner, Abu Ismail, he was disappointed that rush hour had ended. The station was emptier than what the CDs he had studied had depicted. Then Kasab and Ismail opened attack for an hour, killing nearly 60 people.
“Keeping such a person alive is a lingering danger to society…he has no right to live,” ruled the judge.
Tahaliyani said, “He voluntarily wanted to be a mujahideen and attended training camps held in different parts of Pakistan. He accompanied nine other attackers, from Karachi in a boat, came to India, planted a bomb in a taxi and indiscriminately fired on innocent people.”
Even if Kasab does not appeal against the death sentence, the judgement will be studied by the High Court. If the death sentence is ratified by the High Court, Kasab can appeal to the Supreme Court. He also has the option of filing a mercy petition for the consideration.
Father of National Security Guard (NSG) commando Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who was killed in the operation during the Mumbai terror attacks, said he did not want Kasab’s hanging to be delayed. Unnikrishnan said “how can I be happy? I am not happy. I lost what I loved the most. How can you be happy? I would have been happy if Sandeep had returned safe after the operation. No victim’s family can be happy”.
Kasab was caught alive, he is prosecuted and given the death penalty, nothing have we achieved apart. When a terrorist is caught alive we have got every reason to bend the Pakistan down through internationally and we must exploit every possible accusations. Have we achieved anything more?
Terrorism has grown many folds since then and now Pakistan seems a found this cheap weapon against India to bleed the country. The masterminds sitting in the other side of border will not even be affected by his death as they have hundreds more who will be willing to do what Kasab did. Killing one out of hundreds is not a solution. And that too, killing him years after the crime only makes things easier for such terror groups. First, we need to speed things up and second, we need to fight the root cause of terrorism to put an end to it.
To me death sentence is less for Kasab and his fellow mates.

What do you think?

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