Delhi – NCR Going To Pay More………..!

Delhi and NCR regions are suffering and it seems that their problems are going to increase today. Today Sheila Dixit CM of Capital is going to announce its budget for this year. Common man is under high tension today. Prices of Sugar, Milk, Vegetables, Pulses are already touching sky but today it seems that prices of Watch, LPG gas, Water tax, Branded clothes may go high. Suspense is going through common man.
Prices of Petrol, Diesel, CNG Gas, and on LPG Gas are increased as we thought before announcement of Sheila Dixit. A common man and women of Delhi have to more money on fuel. From last year people of Delhi and  NCR are paying more on pulses, vegetables, sugar, milk and now they will have to pay more for other things. It is second time price hike in less than two years that prices are increased.
Income is not increasing but prices of everything is rising. Money goes from pocket as if water is flowing. Prices are not controlled by government but day-by-day prices are rising. It is becoming harder to live luxurious life infact people are struggling to fulfill their basic needs.
How much a middle class man will suffer due to inflation?

What do you think?
Is This What our CM has in treasure for us?

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