Delhi Under Threat Of Cobalt-60

The Mayapuri incident has shaken up all of us, it’s necessary to amend existing laws or making new ones for the management of radioactive waste. It’s a matter of people’s health. The government will soon take adequate steps to monitor radioactive waste. On Thursday, experts scanned all 800 shops in the west Delhi scrap market from where 10 sources of radioactive Cobalt-60 was recovered leaving seven persons exposed to radiation. “If a person came to Jain’s shop and was sitting close to the source for a long duration, then he would have received a high dose of gamma radiation. Blackening of skin is an indicator,” said Dr Bhattacharjee.

Scientists from the Bhaba Atomic Research Centre (BARC) and Narora Atomic Power Station also scanned Mayapuri Industrial area. Sharad Aggarwal, experts visited the Mayapuri scrap market this morning also and scanned the area to check whether there was any other source of radiation. Day-by-day many people are getting affected by this radiation in Mayapuri.
Co-60 is used in industrial applications such as industrial radiography cameras, nucleonic gauges for thickness measurement and in well-logging operations, and in medical equipment.
Mr Jain is still not properly well and no Hospital is keeping hand or treating for his illness. Firstly he was admitted to AIIMS, then to MAX where he was kept for 10 days but no doctor treated him. These huge hospitals does not have the Radiation facility?
Is there no rule or law where exports from other country comes to our are not checked?

Big names but no better facilities by the Government and Hospitals?
Who is responsible for this mess?

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