Dowry System Still Around Us!

Dowry! Do you support  ‘Dowry system’? Have you taken or given ‘Dowry’? There are many cases where bride is harassed in such a way that she commits suicide instead of fighting against the injustice happened to her. Some women’s are harassed if they give birth to a girl.

Not only dowry is asked in marriages, but in other religious or children birth occasions are not counted less then dowry. When a boy is born grooms family asks for gifts, money, gold  or silver items for their relatives and for themselves. Dowry has taken many lives of women and unborn girl child in women’s womb.

A 21-year-old pregnant woman in Delhi committed suicide allegedly after she was harassed over dowry. Payal got married to Pawan on November 21, 2009 with traditional fanfare. The groom’s side was gifted essential home appliances along with jewellery at the time of the marriage.

Payal was lying on a stretcher surrounded by cops and Pawan’s family members. She was brought dead to the hospital. Pawan showed her suicide note and said that she committed suicide by hanging herself,” said Saroj.

All the essential home appliances and jewellery were given to Pawan and his family at the time of marriage. But Pawan demanded a car or Rs two lakh. He used to beat up Payal everyday for this. Payal would often complain to her family about Pawan’s misbehaviour but the family thought some patience from her side would make the situation better. Payal was working in a private firm in Kashmiri Gate area. Pawan used to take all the money from her. This made Payal unhappy. Moreover, Pawan used to physically assault her in the night after drinking.

An FIR under section 498A, 34C, 304B and 306 of IPC and have arrested the accused and his parents,” said a police officer.

On May 19, Bhagyashree was badly beaten up by her in-laws after she went a beauty parlour. She was admitted to the hospital with 65 per cent burns on May 20. Getting her eyebrows done at a beauty parlour proved fatal for Bhagyashree Shinde in Pune. Her father alleges that the 23-year-old was beaten up and set on fire by her in-laws for daring to go to the parlour.

The FIR was registered against Bhagyashree’s husband Sachin, brother-in-law Damodar, mother-in-law Dhondubai and sister-in-law Geeta.

1 thought on “Dowry System Still Around Us!

  1. Here is no system in India. Any body can do any thing with out fear of law, rules etc. That is all about………..

    You never listen these case in foreign country why??
    because they have some rules & regulation which has to follow by the Citizen of the particular country, if they not follow, they get the punishment.

    No fear in India about punishment by the law………..

    I feel this is the main reason.

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