Education System In India

In India children’s are taught that our teachers are our ‘Masters’ (Guru) and we should respect them and believe them. Students in USA challenge the teachers, whereas in India, they blindly accept whatever is taught to them. Youngsters in India, do not have the freedom of selecting there career. They are forced to become engineers, doctors, MBA’s and IAS officers.

More than half a lakh students reach the USA for higher studies each year from India, whereas less than 5,000 American nationals reach India for the same. India is the most populated country in the world. Naturally there is too much rush and competition in every field.
Gender discrimination still persists in India and lot more needs to be done in the field of women’s education in India. The gap in the male-female literacy rate is just a simple indicator. While the male literary rate is more than 75% according to the 2001 census, the female literacy rate is just 54.16%.
25% teacher absenteeism in India is among the highest in the world, second only after Uganda that has a higher rate. The global average of teacher absenteeism is about 20%.
It is the education which should inspire one to become something one really wants to. Education should make you free, should make you experiment and it should make you ask questions. Ultimately, it should make you realize what you are.

The purpose of education is to develop the young minds into beautiful brains. A real student is one which seeks the realities of life and universe. But the tragedy is that the contemporary educational system aims only at creating a generation that fulfills the market and industrial needs.

The syllabus in the schools has not changed with the changing needs of the society. We still tend to follow the same old course of study, disregarding the fact that this is the time to innovate and improve.
Many private schools have been opened and they have brought innovative studying style and teaching kids in an attractive manner. But still in villages the same way of teaching is going on.
”Give me sum sunshine
Give me some rain
Give me another chance
I wanna grow up once again” 

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  1. The post lists out a bunch of problem. But what about the solutions? A major problem with our country is that we all love to crib and criticize but we refuse to put in the intellectual effort required to come up with some policy proposals or action plans which can solve the problems.

    Here's a question – if you were in charge of an educational institution, if you had your own rural school – how would You run it? How would you do it differently from the way it's currently done. We're trying to initiate discussions on such topics on my blog. Thought that readers of this post might be interested in the same.

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