Fairness How Much Important?

Is fairness everything? Are only fair people lovely? Are you Fair? Are you ashamed of being Wheatish? Is Sushmita beautiful or Aishwarya? Girls with dark complexions grow up wishing that they had lighter skin, and often develop an inferiority complex. Bollywood stars endorse skin-whitening creams – the film industry is very much part of the problem. Many home made things are used to make skin fair. College going girls and guys take care alot of their skin. They visit parlour to enhance their beauty.

When you take a look at any matrimonial ad, and the text will in all probability say looking for a convent educated, fair, beautiful girl And considering that our entire culture evolves around marriage, fair women.

In India people want fair brides, it doesn’t matter what’s the colour of groom is?
Being fair is just become necessary in India. Yes people do watch your personality but they also see your appearance. Sometimes due to wheatish skin a girl is rejected. This doesn’t hurt the emotion’s of a girl but she feels inferior.
Is this fair that you make friends who have fair skin and ignore wheatish skin friends?
There are many brands which endorse skin lightening products for man and woman’s. There are some names like “Fair & Lovely”, “Fair one”, “Men’s Light”, “Fair & Handsome”.
Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Genelia D Souza, Asin. These stars motivate youths, office going men’s and women’s, even oldies too get attracted through this products.
Most advertisements claim – and obviously unfairly – that the continued use of their fairness creams will change the skin color of the user with seven days or so. But this doesn’t happens.
Many research has been done which shows that this skin lightening products are harmful as they contain strong chemicals in this, also cancer can be caused.
How much of you use this products?
Are you satisfied with these products?

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