Fake Indian currency In Market!

Counterfeit notes being smuggled in Indian market with so perfection that even a banker could make a mistake. These notes are so perfect that they even pass the ultraviolet test and a discerning banker in a hurry wouldn’t spot the difference. Spotting the difference, especially in the Rs 1000 notes, is a tough ask. The only visible difference between a real and a fake note seems to be the image of Mahatma Gandhi on the watermark that doesn’t seem clear in a fake one.

The features of these notes are as same as original’s. Earlier, fake Indian currency used to be manufactured at printing presses in Pakistan from where they were transported to Nepal for smuggling into India.

How to Detect Fake currency notes:-

The series prefix and distinctive numbers are smaller. 

Thick lettering has been used for printing the issuing authority’s name i.e., ‘Reserve Bank of India’ and guarantee and promise clauses.

Watermark at the left hand side bears a thicker effigy of Mahatma Gandhi and the eyes and spectacles in the effigy are thicker in size 1.

Alignment of series prefix and distinctive numbers is not in line when carefully examined.

Continuity of security thread is not maintained.

The optical fiber marks are present when exposed to UV lamp but these are very few as compared to genuine notes.

Security thread does not glow under UV lamp10. The paper used  seems to have been made of wood pulp.

Intaglio printing is absent.

Have you ever received fake currency note?

What you did by receiving fake note? 

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