Feeling Hot Hot Hot…

106 people have lost their lives. This year heat has crossed the expectations and it is now unbearable for people. People who are rich and can manage Air conditions or Coolers are passing their time coolly but people who have no homes, or sell products on roads or in open are passing their time like living in ‘Hell’. Bhopal recorded its highest temperature in 63 years at 46 degrees.

 The heatwave conditions prevail across the country, 58 heat-stroke deaths have been reported from interior Orissa. Rajasthan government has decided to start schools as early as 7 am and shut them by noon. Madhya Pradesh that ordered early Summer vacations.

 Healthy drinks, juices, shakes, lime water and fruits are the best way to keep ourselves cool and far from hot summer for a while. The juice shops and cafes are earning good as the heat is unbearable and people become more thirsty.

The temperature in Morena was recorded at above 45 degrees. Earlier, the Met office had said that it experienced a high of 49.2 degrees.
The heatwave in Gujarat claimed 14 lives, including five persons in Ahmedabad. A high of 45.2 degrees, Vallabhvidhya Nagar (44.6), Ahmedabad (44.9), Vadodara (44.7), Gandhinagar (44.4), Rajkot (43.5) and Bhavnagar (43.2).
Kota was the hottest at a high of 48.2 degrees.

In Punjab and Haryana where Hisar was the hottest at 47.4 degrees, six degrees above normal.
Bikaner, Barmer and Jaipur saw the mercury touch 47.4, 47.3, 46 and 45.6 degrees.

Sriganganagar followed next with a daytime temperature of 48.1 degrees.
It is fine to say in this summer “Feeling Hot Hot“. Not only India but the whole world is suffering the same.

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