Good Harvest Still No Place To Store In Punjab

This year his wheat harvest was up to his expectation and as a gesture of thanks giving, he, along with other farmers of a village near Sirhind are offering sweet water to people. An estimated 60 lakh million tonnes of wheat is still out in the open covered with plastic sheets. Experts believe, wheat in the open cannot last for more than one year and Food Corporation of India needs to create more covered storage space for wheat which is rotting.

The government has left the stock here for so long, it’s rotting. It should give the grains to poor people like us. We worked hard to grow this grain.”, says Mohinder Singh.The Government of India has stored grains procured from farmers for over three years about 72 lakh metric tonnes.
“Government is sending fresh wheat crop out of state but old stock is still lying in the open which is not good. Storage is a big problem, they don’t have space to store. They should send it.”
“The government doesn’t care for farmers.”

Farmers in Punjab are feeling let down. Many of them borrow money to feed their children and the scene of rotting food grains certainly is quite disheartening for them.
Across the state, at different government warehouses, wheat grain worth 500 to 800 crores is rotting away. In the last three years, 72 lakh metric tonnes of grain has been bought from farmers. Most of that is lying in the open because there’s just not enough storage space.
It may have been another good year as far as wheat production in Punjab is concerned but the real problem is of storage. The real worry: what will happen to food grains stored in the open after a year.

There is one prime worry, where will all this grain be stored?
Will our Government take some step this time?

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