Greater Noida Land, Farmers, Mayawati and Politics

The Supreme Court ordered the restoration of 156 hectares of land to them in Greater Noida’s Shahberi village acquired by the Mayawati government in the name of industrial development at a cheap rate but provided to the builders at a very high price.

Noida Industrial Development Authority for changing the “land use” plan from the industries to housing for the acquired land.

Supreme Court imposed a fine of Rs 10,00,000 on Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) while ordering it to return the land to the farmers. “Land is like a mother for a farmer and the state government can not understand the pain and agony of a farmer.

This is a classic example of what is going on in the country. rahul siding with the farmers just because congress is not in power or will never come to power alone in up does not change anything. question to Rahul is why Maran is still in the cabinet and why he is not charged yet and in judicial custody due to the quantum of misuse of his office as telecom minister.

At last Dayanidhi Maran resigns his post today but is it enough?

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