Haiti Still Suffering from Earthquake Disaster…………..

Haiti people are still suffering from the biggest disaster of the year 2010. Thousands feared  and dead in Haiti after a quake measuring 7.0 on Richter scale. People lost their lives, house, family and everything in the earthquake. Still people are facing problems of food and shelter. Woman’s are unsecured and have no safety. The quake killed an estimated 200,000 people has made women and girls ever more vulnerable. They have lost their homes and are forced to sleep in flimsy tents.

With no lighting and no security, they search places to spend safe night after sunset. Sexual assaults are daily occurrences in the biggest camps, aid workers say — and most attacks go unreported because of the shame, social stigma and fear from attackers.
Young girls have to negotiate sexually in order to get shelter from the rains and access to food aid. The 21-year-old said her family has received no food aid because the Haitian men handing out coupons for food distribution demand sexual favors.
A 17-year-old girl says she was a virgin before six men attacked her and raped her repeatedly.
Women’s, or teenage girls no one is safe. As the lights goes off rapes takes place. There are several kids who have no one to care for them and are suffering from diseases. Women’s are suffering sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, victims face possible HIV infection. Haiti has the highest infection rate for the virus that causes AIDS, with one in 50 people infected.
More security and safety should be provided in terms of lady police officers, shelter for women’s and teenager should seperated from men’s. Food items, clothing and medicines should be provided fast so that hunger of stomach doesn’t make a man a demon.
Neighbouring and other countries should come forward and help Haiti. May god give strength and power to all women’s and girls fight against demon.

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