Haryana STF………………. Robbers Gang?

Haryana special task force is supposed to fight against terrorists, serious crimes and for safety of common people. It was unbelievable when the truth came in front of  senior police officers. STF team members were caught in CCTV camera taking extortion money from stockbrokers at Panipat. Seven STF men, dressed in plainclothes, struck twice on March 11. They first allegedly looted Rs 6 lakh from a stockbroker after tying him up. They then tried to extort Rs 10 lakh from jeweller V K Malhotra, claiming to be members of the Haryana vigilance department.

Malhotra gave the STF men Rs one lakh and asked them to collect the remaining amount after 30 minutes. When one of the STF men returned, Malhotra told him that he had called the police and would pay up before them. The STF man slipped out after saying that he was going to call other members of his team but did not return. Malhotra used the security camera in his office to record the conversation with the STF team.
 The Haryana Police has identified one of the extortionists as Constable Jagbir Singh, who served with the Panipat police before joining the STF. Rajinder Singh, the SSP of Panipat, confirmed STF men were involved in the extortion attempt.
Again police officers were caught doing crime. Police officers are appointed to secure common man safety and security but by this how can a common man be safe from others?
What punishment should be given to these STF officers?

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