Hockey Player’s Sufferings

The Crisis can be seen on Hockey players and it’s becoming worse. An Ultimatum was given to the players to take 25000/-, take it or leave within 48 hours. In a meeting in Lucknow the probables comprising a major chunk of the U-21 players, pledged that they will not heed H1’s request if approached to replace the first choice team at the World Cup to be hosted by India.

Why should the players think about country?

Deepak Tharoor senior player said “Nothing comes before the nation, not even money. But why is it that only players have to think about the nation and not the administrators?

Arjun Halappa said “We are not asking for the money right now. Give us written assurance that our dues will be paid and our demand for graded payment will be accepted and we will join the camp.
Reacting to the players stand, Matto said that a new set of players would represent World Cup if the impasse continued. We will not sack the players but ask them to leave the camp if they are not practising. India will participate in the World Cup irrespective of the fact that whether they play or not. We will look for fresh player’s.

It is sad that one side Cricketer’s are given abundant of facilities and on other hand Hockey player’s are not given their fees.
Is it right what Hockey player’s are going through?
What’s your opinion?

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