Honour Killing In Delhi

We have reaches in 21st century but still in our country there are many regions and villages where still “Love marriage”, “Inter-caste” marriage, or marrying in same “Gotra” is a ‘Sin’ or ‘Paap’. Decades have been passed but these rules have taken lives of many newly married couples or they have been separated by ‘Panchayat’, or by their ‘Families’. In the Capital, a young couple was found murdered for ‘Honour’ in West Delhi.
26-year-old Kuldeep’s body was found in his car outside his house, Monika was found murdered in their house in Ashok Vihar. The boy’s parents have accused the girl’s family, specifically her brothers, of honour killing as the couple belonged to different castes. The mysterious murder case of an inter-caste couple in the capital took a new turn Tuesday with police finding the body of one more person in a car belonging to a relative of the victims. 
The car was found in H-Block in Ashok Vihar Phase-I in northwest Delhi on Tuesday morning. It is said that the body found is of a girl named Shobha who is cousin sister of Monica. The car belonged to one Rahul, who is the cousin of Kuldeep. Rahul is said to be the person, who had helped Kuldeep and Monica in getting married four years ago. He was then allegedly beaten up mercilessly by the brothers of Monica for helping the couple getting married.

It is believed that it is a case of ‘Honour Killing’, where a boy belongs to Rajput and girl belongs to Gujjar community.

In past few months many couples have lost their lives only just because they married in other caste.

How much lives are being saved by LAW?
Who will take the responsibility for our youths?
Is Love marriage such a big crime?
How many of you support these fake traditional values?

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