How Cheap Is Your Life?

How responsible you are about life and family? How much risk do you take in your day-t-day life? Do you enjoy by taking risk of your life? Today people are in great hurry to reach their destination either risking their life or others. If the bus or rickshaw is fully loaded and you have to reach somewhere immediately then would you stick to the loaded bus or will you wait for another one?

Have you ever met an accident and suffered without your fault? There are many peoples who suffer without any fault.

People stick to the vehicles which are already full but in hurry they ignore the consequences. Youngsters who are in hurry to reach at college or office stick to the outer portion of bus gate so that they reach their destination as fast as possible. But is this right?
Traffic policeman watches it and ignores this scene as if it is a minor thing. We hear daily incident of accidents by bus but still we are not serious in our lives. It is too sad that bus drivers and conductors also don’t deny people to take such actions because they think only about their income not peoples life’s.
When we all will become serious in our lives?

When we all will stop risking our and others lives?

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