I Want To Live I Am A Daughter….!

Economic growth, better technologies and  businesses have changed India’s status from ‘developing’ to ‘fast developing’ nation. It is believed that a son moves family forward and family is known by son not by daughter. “Sons are called upon to provide the income It is believed that millions of female foetuses have been aborted in India over the past 20 years. A Daughter-in-law in India is forced to give birth to a boy and before birth the gender is also checked by in-laws family. Checking gender of foetus before birth is a crime in our country but nobody cares for the rules or law.

On April 19, authorities in Gujarat found over a dozen human foetuses in a rubbish bin in Ahmedabad. They suspect that local abortion clinics might have dumped the foetuses after conducting ill-legal sex determination tests.
In Tamil Nadu, murdering girls is still sometimes believed to be a wiser course than raising them. “A daughter is always liabilities. How can I bring up a second?” Lakshmi, 28, answered firmly when asked by a visitor how she could have taken her own child’s life eight years ago. “Instead of her suffering the way I do, I thought it was better to get rid of her.”
Thousands of men in parts of rural India are facing difficulties in finding potential brides, all thanks to the practice of aborting female foetuses. Millions of women across the world, especially in Asia, were missing from the population totals.

The current sex ratio in India, as per 2001 Census, is 1000:927 (1,000 boys and 927 girls) while in some states like Gujarat the ratio stands at 1000:878, Himachal Pradesh 1000:820 and Chhatisgarh 1000:845, according to the National Commission of Women (NCW) chairperson Girija Vyas. In 1991, the national figure was 947 girls to 1000 boys.
A survey conducted by the United Nations in 2007 revealed that over 2,000 unborn girls are aborted every day in India. Female infanticide can be described as the practice of killing girl babies deliberately.

The increasing percentage between male and female ratio is an issue that it be condemned , the reason daughters are killed before they are born . the society needs a radical change that the social evils like dowry , to arrange marriage with great pomp and show sidelining the concept of economic conditions of brides family.
We females should try to change the social scenario that females are now not backward but they are having a vision, eye-que for all around developments in various fields for the nation . we should pledge that male or female , we will not kill our daughters before birth , let then grow for the future to be a partner for the development of the nation.

The society needs to change its way of thinking. Son preference, practice of dowry, patrilineal system are said to be the key reasons for female foeticide. Giving birth to a daughter is not a sin, but killing her is…..
Why daughters are thought as liability?
What do you think?

Do you support people who kill their unbirth babies?

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