India- Truth Of Today’s Saint’s

In India there are many religions and celebrate different festivals. We can see Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Parsi’s, Jainism, Buddhism in India. All religions people live together and share their happiness with each other. There are may saint’s and sadhu’s of all caste and religion in very vast number’s. We count Saint’s and Sadhu ‘s as god’s true worshiper who guides every human being to follow truth, humanity, non-violence and give love and life to others.
A true Saint would never say to follow him but he will always say to worship god. He would never ask for money, donation or charity for himself. A true saint would never compare other religion or say anything wrong about it. Dont become blind and do what is wrong, which is bad. Indians all over the world are very religious and believe what saints say and tell to do.
Saints are given respect as well as they are praised by people. Is it right to believe a human who does not know his future how can he say about another’s? sometimes fake saint’s and sadhus’s guide people wrong. They ask people to do such things which a saint is not supposed to do.
Saint’s are sometimes caught in Sex Scandal’s too. there are many such cases in past where these things are seen. True saints would never watch time or just give lectures and philosophy which is written in books, but true saint will always say to impove society, humanity, spread love and peace. He would never touch a women or see just to tell her future.
Indians are very supersticious and believe whatever a fake say’s. many kids are killed as a belief that “if a child killed on a particular day a person can become rich, a women would give birth to a  boy etc”. The tricks that are performed by “Baba’s”are not “miracles”. Simple and easy way to misguide common man.
We can see see many such cases every day being filed in police station. Ă„saram Bapu is one saint who is in news now a days for owning others property in various places like Delhi, Ahmedabd etc. Many other cases are also being filed against him in Ahmedabad.
It is good to believe the God, but it is wrong to believe fake saint’s.
Whom do you believe God or Fake saints?
What do you say?

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