Indian States Poor Than Africa’s

India is a developing country and people here work hard but still there is poverty. Eight Indian states, including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, together accounting for more poor people than in the 26 poorest African nations.

Rural populations primarily depend on agriculture, which is highly dependant on rain patterns and the monsoon season. Inadequate rain and improper irrigation facilities can obviously cause low, or in some cases, no production of crops. Poor people beg on streets, and in markets so that they can earn without doing work. These poor people thinks that being illiterate they won’t get work easily.

There is uneven distribution of wealth in India at an alarming level that is why there are several crore people who do not have food to eat, home to live and are illiterate. Besides this India is facing the problem of disturbance in 104 districts which is also draining the Indian economy. India had paid heed towards few states and forgot the rest. The politicians of these 8 states must be richer than the politicians of the 26 African countries combined.

The growth of wealth in an uneven manner in the whole of country is ludicrous where certain section of people live in abject poverty while the other are loath to share excess wealth.The states which are backward in India are known to elect bad politicians who have money and muscle power.

A country without Law and Order will never ever prosper. Lack of infrastructure is another one big reason. Corruption, Large population, and higher population growth rates are other problems.

Will our country become ‘Developed’?

How we can eradicate ‘Poverty’ from our country?

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