Indians Unsafe In Australia

The Recent attacks on Indian students studying in Australia is increased and collected world attention. With in two or three months attacks on indian students is increased day-by-day.

Ranjodh Singh’s body was found on December 29.

Nitin Garg, was fatally stabbed in Melbourne January 2.

An Indian was set on fire in Melbourne Jan 9 while another Indian was assaulted at Coogee beach in Sydney Jan 11.

Sravan Kumar Theerthala was hit with petrol bottles by some unidentified teens while he was reading book in his house at Melbourne.
Baljinder Singh, another student from India studying in Melbourne, was robbed and stabbed in his abdomen.

Suketu Modi, a businessman from Surat, was attacked in train by a group of students when he had gone there for IT business.

25-year-old Indian taxi driver was assaulted in Melbourne Saturday and police Wednesday released images of a couple suspected to be behind the attack.

Two Indian taxi drivers, one of whom was a student, were attacked Jan 16 in Australia’s Ballarat city.
Around 20 Indian students have lost their life and still no action is taken by the Australian government and nor by our government. Australia decided to take out a peace march rather than taking to streets. Hundreds of such attacks have taken place on Indian students in different parts of the world. When the students approach the authorities in embassies, they are treated with callous and cool attitude. Indian media and the prime minister and External Affairs Minister talked to Kelvin Rudd and Julia Gillard.

Australian government should think about any problems more seriously OR should stop providing easy accessibility to their system by foreigners if they are so bothered about their cultural or economical turmoil.

It is possible that Australians may have some problem but this is not the right way to tackle the problem. Australian government should think and try to do something as possible and sought out the problems. Even Indian embassy should also talk to Australian government.

How much students will have to pay for their life?

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