Internet Boon Or A Sin For Teenages?

Internet is widely used in all over the world and it is a medium of gaining information from any place about anything. It is a source by which information about anyone, any place, about earth or universe or any part of world. The internet has become a crucial part of any teens life, making simple access to a wealth of information as well as a great way to socialise for them too. They can do their homework and research online.

Teens play online games, School or college project, office work, online transaction of cash with companies or bank etc there are many more things which describes advantages of internet. But as it is believed that a coin has two side same way internet too has disadvantages. It’s hard to imagine what life was like before the Internet. Yes, the web has made it easier than ever to communicate, but with that ease come unwanted threats. And kids are the most vulnerable. It also connotes negative aspects such as violence, pornography, hate sites, isolation, predators, and commercialism.

Internets role in promoting vulgarity and in undermining our family values and traditions is particularly distressing. It is easy to see how these types of negative content harm children and destroy their development.children’s exposure to inappropriate media content yields many negative outcomes such as increased aggression, fear, desensitization, poor school performance, prevalence of symptoms of psychological trauma, antisocial behavior, negative self-perception, low self-esteem, lack of reality, identity confusion, and more.

We can secure our kids from getting into wrong way. we should be friendly to our kids and guide them about their future.

Is internet a boon or a sin for for teenagers?

What do you think give your suggestions?

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