Life Of Sex Worker Womens!

India is a country with various cultures, religions, festivals. Population of India is growing day-by-day. Being a developing country India still is lacking many problems like poverty, illiteracy, poor standard of living etc. We know ‘Red light area’ where women’s sell themselves for their livelihood. They are forced and pushed in such dirty areas for money.

A majority of the female sex workers are trafficked into the sex trade either by their lovers, relatives, acquaintances or the senior prostitutes who hail from their village or community. The senior prostitutes bring them to Metro cities with promise of good jobs and force them into the trade.

In case a young girl refuses getting into the sex trade, she is beaten up by bullies hired by senior prostitutes. She is denied food, locked in a room and harassed till she gives in. The cruel owners and senior prostitutes do not even hesitate to get a girl raped if she does not accept their order.

Thousands of young women are displayed in row after row of zoo-like animal cages.India, along with Thailand and the Philippines, has 1.3 million children in its sex-trade centers. The children come from relatively poorer areas and are trafficked to richer ones.

Women and children from India are sent to nations of the Middle East daily. Girls in prostitution and domestic service in India, Pakistan and the Middle East are tortured, held in virtual imprisonment, sexually abused, and raped.

There are more than 100000 women’s  working in prostitution in Mumbai. There are 300,000-500,000 children in prostitution in India.

 Rajitha (name changed for privacy) grew up in a village but was deceived and trafficked into prostitution in Mumbai. Beatings forced her to comply with her captors and work the trade, and she wanted to escape.

In Bombay, children as young as 9 are bought for up to 60,000 rupees, or $2,000, at auctions where Arabs bid against Indian men who believe sleeping with a virgin. Many sex workers have begun to create organizations to protect their rights. Songachi’s Red Light District in Calcutta sex workers refuse sex without a condom even in they face of physical torture.

Going through constant sexual trauma can cause many women to go insane and shut down emotionally and mentally. Prostituted women have no idea of the love and care their Creator put into them. They have no clue of their role as a child of God.

It is so sad that in this 21st century we are so materialistic that no one is able to see evils and miseries that a women is suffering just because she is poor? 

Is this 21st century we all thought?

What do you think?

How all these evils can be eradicated from world?

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