Live In Relationship In Our Country…………?

Marriage is something what every culture believes is right way to spend life and together. We have reached in 2st century where every individual youth of today believes in living their life as they want. In India people do live together and without marrying each other and this relationship’s called “Live In relationship”. Many Bollywood movies are made on this concept in past and few years ago. Today supreme court announced that Live In relationship is not a crime as it does not hurts. The court also said that Lord Krishna and Radha also lived in relationship. No law or rule is passed on this relationship. Court said that as being adult they can make sexual relationship and no rule is passed on it.

People who want to live with each other but they don’t have much time as each individual has their career and ambition to achieve their goals. This culture basically comes from western countries but from decade or more Indians follow this culture. It is believed that in marriage a person is bound and faces lots of responsibilities, and problems.
Many Bollywood and TV stars today are having Live In relationship, their families have accepted this relation and they are happy. It is a relationship where you live like couple but not married. Some names of those couples who are having relationship are as follows:-

Bipasha Basu & John Abraham

Kareena kapoor & Saif Ali Khan
Krishna & Kashmeera Shah
Gourav & Mouni
Rakhi Sawant& Elesh
Arachana Puran Singh & Parmeet 
Manoj Bajpai & Neha
Some of the above got married and some broke up their relationship.
What is the thinking of today’s youth?

What does our parents believe it matters for youth?

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