Low floor bus or more troubles

900 low-floor buses were brought in to replace the killer Blueline fleet of the Capital two years ago. It promised to change the way Delhi. But the deal came with its share of smoke and fire.

Nine low-floor buses of the DTC have caught fire in the past 25 days. The Delhi government has instituted an inquiry into the series of such incidents.

The government had earlier imposed a hefty fine on Tata Motors for “not properly” maintaining the low-floor buses it manufactured. It had also decided to withhold a payment of Rs 150 crore to the Tatas and warned of legal action if corrective steps were not taken by the automobile giant.

As per the contract, Tata Motors is responsible for maintenance of the 800 bus supplied to DTC. However, Tata Motors has cited bad road condition as the reason behind the mishaps.

Even the drivers of these low-rise buses aren’t complaining as these buses with their automatic features and designs are much easier to drive thus reducing their fatigue levels. These new buses have automatic gears, rear fitted engine and automatic doors for boarding and getting out.

But these buses aren’t meant for Indian roads because roads are not smooth and have lots of damages. It is witnessed that series low floor bus accidents are happening. As usual action was taken after long time and the route of low floor buses are being changed. These buses proved to be a trouble in our lives rather than a benefit.

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