Madhuri Gupta Diplomat -Spy Of Pakistan

A Second Secretary-level woman diplomat working in the Indian High Commission in Islamabad has been arrested in New Delhi on 23rd of this month for allegedly passing on information to Pakistani intelligence agencies. She hold the rank of second secretary and was a translator, used to work alone in her department at in the High Commission’s press division.

53-year-old Madhuri Gupta, was arrested here four days back after she was summoned to Delhi on the pretext of discussions on the current SAARC summit meeting held in Thimpu, Bhutan, the sources said. She is working in the Mission for nearly three years, is alleged to have been passing on information from the Mission to her contacts in ISI till her movements came under surveillance of Intelligence Bureau sleuths. She has allegedly confessed that she was in love with her Pakistani handler and was also upset because she had been overlooked for promotion.
She not only partially leaked India’s plans in Afghanistan, but she was also meeting ISI officers, made ‘dead drops’ and also sent e-mails to handlers from fake accounts. A single woman, she had been posted in Baghdad, Kuala Lumpur and an UN mission in Africa.
External Affairs Minister S M Krishna, who is in Thimpu for the SAARC summit, on Wednesday called Gupta’s arrest a “serious” issue. “Investigations are going on and we will have to wait till the investigation are complete and then find out what was the motive and what was the modus operandi.
The world, has a history of agents who had switched their loyalties towards countries where they were working.
Mata Hari’s name became synonymous with espionage and the Dutch dancer, whose real name was Gertrud Margarete Zelle, was executed by a French firing squad in 1917 on charges of being a spy.
Rabinder Singh who became a mole of American intelligence agency CIA and flew to the US despite being under RAW surveillance.
In 2007, RAW had to call back its 1975 batch officer Ravi Nair from Colombo because of his alleged “involvement” with a woman agent of Chinese intelligence acting as honey trap for him.
These were some names of spies who can be called as ‘GADDAR’ for their country.

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  1. India ” TOLERATED ” Smugglers, Criminals, Gangsters, Corrupted, Black Marketers in Politics and many we see them today as our MLA's and MP's. " JAISA RAJA WAISI PRAJA " This reflects the work for Compromising with Clean Chits and Officials follows their boses. Besides Indian Consulate in PAK its now time to see how much more Diplomats Overseas & Govt Officials in India is " INFECTED & BUGED " by ISI through Dawood's Network. Madhuri show no Remorse on Suicidal SPY Mission. Indian Authorities must be careful to GRILL other RAW Officers on her Statements. Because of all this Dirty & Corrupted people in Politics and Govt Offices, INDIAN SECURITY and ARMY is paying the price with their lives to save Country. All Old and Out dated laws must be made strict on Terrorism, Moles and Traitors. Indian ” MATAHARI ” Madhuri Gupta must be given Death Penalty by Firing Squad.

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