Maoist Stronger Than Government

The body found in a Bihar forest was of Lucas Tete, one of the four policemen abducted by Maoist guerrillas five days ago, and not of Abhay Kumar Yadav, Deputy Inspector General of Munger Shah Rukh Majeed confirmed today.

The body was found near Simratali forest under Chanan police station in Lakhisarai. Yadav was said to have been killed at around 4 p.m. Thursday, six hours after the expiry of the Maoists’ second deadline of 10 a.m. The killing took place following a decision by a ‘jan adalat’ or kangaroo court, a Maoist spokesman had said.
The Maoists said the policemen would be killed unless eight jailed Maoist leaders were released.
The Maoists have also warned the Bihar government of more attacks if the operations against the rebels did not stop immediately.
If politicians were abducted by maoist then what Government would have done?
Killing is not solution of any problem, maoist should keep their points in front of Government?
Why policeman’s have to pay for their life? 

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