Mayawati Celebrating At Poors Tears

Mayawati celebrates her 54th Birthday in Lucknow, as “People’s Welfare Day” by ignoring a common man. A common man is suffering a lot of problems in his lie but CM ignoring all these is busy in celebrating her birthday. Money is wasted on lightning, decoration and party but UP government does not have money to pay their employees.

What kind of government do we have in our country which never did anything for common man.

People are suffering burden of inflation, severe cold, and poor law. But CM of UP is unaware of it or doesn’t wants to improve the state’s conditions. Every Party promises in election to fulfill basic needs and develop the states condition but no one does that why?

Government spends money on their luxuries but they don’t have money to give their employees. Truly our government are greedy for money not for doing welfare for country. Poor people and Too poor is our System. 

Is this the way we want to change our country?

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