Mayawati’s Money Maya!

Mayawati on Wednesday declared her assets which stood at over Rs 88 crore, an increase of nearly Rs 36 crore in the past three years. In an affidavit submitted with her nomination papers for the Legislative Council election on June 10, Mayawati has declared ownership of five prime properties, bank deposits, cash and jewellery. She owns no vehicle, no agricultural land.

This included 3987.78 square metre of property worth Rs 54 crore at Nehru Road in New Delhi. Mayawati has Rs 12.95 lakh in cash and Rs 11.39 crore as “deposits in banks/financial institutions and non-banking financial companies”.
She also has paintings and murals worth Rs 15 lakh besides a silver dinner set, weighing over 18 kgs, worth Rs four lakh.

The properties she owns are worth Rs 74.50 crore. These include three commercial and one residential property in New Delhi.
She also possesses diamond and gold jewellery worth about Rs 86 lakh.

Mayawati has also given details of her school and university Education. She graduated from Kalindi College, Delhi University in 1975. She completed B.Ed from Meerut University in 1976. In 1983, she did LL.B from Delhi University. She has not taken loans from banks/financial Institutions.
Mayawati calls herself as a ‘dalit’ but she has never done something for poor or for her ‘dalit’ community. She is just trying to earn money for herself?

Mayawati is a good example of politics where politicians can be seen only earning for themselves and doing nothing to develop our country.

Politics and politicians are impossible to understand by common man!

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