Men in khaki unleash lathi power

A shocking case of police brutality in Ambikapur – the men in khaki unleashed all the lathi power at their command as they clamped down on a public protest.
Primitive brutality unleashed in the tribal state of Chhattisgarh a relentless four-hour khaki assault on villagers of Ambikapur that spared no one. Men are outnumbered and mercilessly mauled, women are left crying and crawling even men so old they can’t even walk are kicked in the face.
The vicious response from the police was provoked by a protest by locals of Ambikapur. They allege that this man who died on Thursday night was attacked and murdered but police insist he died in a road accident.
The dead man’s family and friends refused to accept that version and blocked the highway running through the area laying the body across it and setting tyres on fire.
All attempts by the police to break up the protests dissolved into a free for all. Stones pelted, vehicles targeted and with the protesters outnumbered by police the locals were on the receiving end of the khaki anger.
Local authorities have now reacted to the excessive use of force by local police.
Ambikapur DM Rohit Yadav said, “Detailed enquiry has been ordered into it. The ones responsible will not be spared.”
But for those who have been injured by Ambikapur’s policemen, it’ll need more than those words for their wounds to heal.

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