MHADA Flats For Common People Or Ministers?

MHADA has strategically carried out housing projects in Mumbai by acquiring plots and land in Mumbai and developing it to make it affordable for economically weaker section, low-income group and middle-income group. According to the Mhada Act, every allottee has to sign an affidavit saying he/she and the spouse do not have any flat in Mumbai. In this case, many of the MLAs and ministers, who have won the flats, already have houses in the city. Chief vigilance officer Jawahar Singh said at a news meet on Monday, “If we find anyone filing a fake affidavit, we will book him under Section 420 of the IPC for cheating.”
The Mhada built 1,088 flats in the upmarket Lokhandwala Complex area for the middle and upper-middle class. Some MLAs, on seeing the colony, wanted those flats for themselves and asked the government to reduce the rate, but Mhada said would stick to its price of Rs 56 lakh.
On January 14, 2009 and how MLAs who onwed flats earlier were grabbing 922 sq flats meant for public. The report also mentioned on how legislators who were in the race for flats had earlier owned flats in Mumbai.
Five of these flats are already allotted to the martyrs of the 26/11 terror attack.

The allocation Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) flats to 203 serving and former state legislators of Maharashtra have been stayed for now. The flats were to be handed over on Monday but now it is been postponed and inquiry is going on.

Why Government of Maharashtra didn’t took any step till now?

When issue came in Media then only action is taken?

Where is those parties like Sena & MNS why don’t they protest about this

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