Milk….. Crisis….Prices May Rise

Firstly prices raised of Rice, Vegetables, Pulses and cereals then Sugar now of Milk. How much a common man will suffer? It is suspected that 2-3 rs may rise in Milk price. Today Sharad Powar said in a press conference. When a government will take some step to control rising prices? How much a common people will suffer to fulfill his basic needs? Yesterday Mulayam Singh took out a march against rising prices. He was arrested by the police for his safety was said by police. BJP today met PM to control rising price by UPA government.

Sharad Powar also said that there is crisis of Milk and he has pressure of raising prices. Our government is unable to stop the price of food items and day by day we find that prices of other basic needs is also rising. How much a common man cut their pockets for basic needs?

Milk is a product which is consumed from Poor to Rich, from Kids to Old, from Chaiwala of railways to Hotels. Now how much we will have to pay for 5 rs/-?  How will a mothers  provide milk to their growing child for their good health? 

When a common man will get relief from these rising prices?

Is our government waking or sleeping?

If prices of Milk rises then how can a poor afford it?

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