Mineral Water How Much Pure?

Mineral water is the most common thing in our life when we travel. We usually don’t carry water with us because it is available easily every where like Railway station, Bus stand, Restaurants. But have you ever thought that this water is safe or not?

Water is our most valuable cleansing agent, flushing toxins and byproducts of metabolism from our body while furnishing pure hydrogen and oxygen to cells and tissue.
Mineral water has many brands like Kinley, Bisleri, Aquafina, Kingfisher etc are some names which are common to us. It is believed that mineral water is the safest water for our health. But do you know there are some companies which are earning money on the cost of our health? They use the plastic bottles which are cheap and harmful for our health. Plastics contain other chemicals used to alter their properties – changing the stiffness or keeping them resistant to breakdown from light.
Pure water can help you burn fat, beat a fever, improve your complexion, relieve constipation, build muscle, drain a stuffy nose, fight a stomachache, and improve your mood.
In an attempt to prevent spread of water-borne diseases in summer, the Delhi High Court has directed the government to tighten the noose around illegal units manufacturing and selling bottled drinking water.
Delhi police searched and has sat investigation on ‘Tripti’ mineral water. This company has not mentioned the manufacturing date, best before date etc. The owner of the company is being taken for investigation.
There are such more companies which are not following the rules and regulations. It is necessary to take action against these companies which are playing with the life of people.
Is there any company that you know which is running with not taking care of rules and regulations?
Raise you voice against the evils!
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